Customized Training

“It finally hit me today that ‘the real thing is best’. My mind was a blank canvas this morning, now it’s a Monet of ideas. Can’t wait to get started! You’re a fab team. Thank you!”

 Fiona Waddell, Plains Primary School.

 PR&P Architects: Childplay offers custom or bespoke training to suit your specific needs. All our seminars, courses and workshops are motivational and aim to inspire you.

Delivery is through PowerPoint presentations, discussion, practical sessions and/or project work with you staff and children.The combination of exploring thinking behind the practical sessions appeals to all learning styles and motivates you to move forward within you setting.

We deliver a high quality, customized service and with this in mind we are happy to tailor bespoke sessions to meet your needs and support your development plans.

Features of custom training include variability in:

TTFL Norway1) Content – to meet your specific aims and objectives

2) Scheduling – to suit your availability and priorities

3) Location – either at our site, in a venue selected by yourself or organized by us

4) Format variation – key note (motivational speech), training course (combining seminar and practical), seminar (discussion), workshop (practical), conference (full organization of administration, keynote and workshops), project/coaching (with children and staff in your setting)


To discuss training further, please do not hesitate to contact us through or telephone (707) 557-2215.




“Today has given me new energy for teaching children for life, not just assessment”

Sarah Cowie, teacher.