Children's pleasure

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Teaching is an amazing profession, but there are many of obstacles that get in the way between you and the children. We provide Training and Resources to make that relationship stronger, deeper and more fun. 

We help you to create opportunities where children are more engaged, work more collaboratively and behave better.


We are currently offering the following Courses around the United States: (click image to view information)



A Child’s Voice

This inspirational training course examines the place of consultation in the early years and primary sector and how it can impact upon the planning process and educationalist’s practice.

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Motivational Mathematics

For some of us mathematics is not our favorite subject, we don’t find Compare Bears and plastic sorting sets particularly motivational!

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Nature Kindergarten & Preschool

Inside, outside and beyond! Beach, forest, bush, outback, river – nature based education for children aged from birth to 5 years.

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Nurturing Boys

Why do boys feel the need to create weapons, look for challenge and risk and how can we support this need in a motivational learning environment?

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Risk It!

“Risk it” supports practitioners in creating a positive learning environment that enables children to thrive. Action research has shown that the well being and involvement of children increases with the introduction of creative, risky and challenging opportunities.

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Additional Courses:

In 2013 we have begun offering the additional following courses:


  • Reflective Planning:  Documenting Children’s Learning
  • Stimulating Creativity 
  • Reggio Inside…Nordic Outside!
  • The Potential of a Puddle:  Excellence in Effective Outdoor Learning
  • Nurture through Nature:  Strategies to Connect Very Young Children to Nature