I’ve been on an odyssey now for the last half dozen years to learn everything I can about designing great, healthy and sustainable buildings and places for children. Along the way this journey expanded from just thinking about creating the spaces, to how they are used, and most recently to the education of the children.


I’m an Architect who loves what he does with great passion, yet lately I feel I have grown beyond that frankly limited mindset to hopefully something more thoughtful and with greater clarity about what is needed for our children. As I have become immersed in this new world I’ve come to see that the Architect’s usual ideal of making everything beautiful and/ or strikingly interesting is at considerable odds, and indeed diametrically opposed, to what is really needed for our children.






That goal in a nutshell is to create Child Centric spaces, to involve children in the planning of their spaces, and to put them front and center in the planning of their joyful activities.



Having designed both buildings and outdoor playscapes I see the need now more than ever to integrate them and to include those magical spaces in between that are part inside and part outside. I now understand the need for loose parts, messy play and most definitely the joy of mud. I’ve come to see the power of having natural materials and nature itself play a big role in playscapes indoors and out.


This blog is an exploration of the world of children; the design of spaces; learning strategies; the joy of being in nature; and to my own visions for the future of our children.Along the way I’ll introduce you to some of the most amazing people whom I met from around the world, colleagues like Claire Warden; Robin & Toni Christie; Eric Nelson; Michael Follet and Richard Louv. These are folks who can inspire us all and have crafted solutions for a better future for our children, and through them for ourselves as well.


My commitment to you is that your email will never, ever be used, given or sold for any outside commercial gain. Your privacy is assured, I will never share your personal information, you have my word on that. I do hope that you will join me on this journey though. Your thoughts, questions and feedback of all sorts is always welcome.


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